Welcome to Amersham Dog Training Club

Classes are held on a Monday evening at Amersham Common Village Hall. Download Timetable

The Club is looking forward to welcoming everyone back again. Waiting lists are now open for puppy classes starting on 28 September, and for the first Basic Obedience Course to be held on 5 October, assuming there are no further lockdown requirements announced. Full details will be sent to applicants.

There are classes for dog obedience training at all levels:

  • Puppy Socialisation and initial training tips up to about 6 months of age.
  • A 10 week Basic Obedience Course from about 6 months of age.
  • Intermediate and then Advanced classes as dogs and owners develop.
  • The Kennel Club Good Citizens Award scheme open to everyone in the intermediate and advanced classes.



Both dog and owner benefit from the bonding and fun that training creates. We encourage all the family to contribute to training a happy, well behaved four legged companion

We welcome you to come and watch a class (without your dog) and enrol afterwards. We will need to see a current vaccination certificate before the dog comes into the hall - preferably on enrolment.

Our Basic Obedience Course endeavours to have a well-controlled and socially acceptable dog, able to walk to heel, come when called, and stay in place for a short time at sit and down positions. There is an assessment at the end of the course and a Certificate is awarded if the course is completed satisfactorily! Half courses are available if further training is required.

Intermediate and advanced work introduces retrieving, scent, off lead management and further obedience training